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Here you can purchase motherboard schematic diagrams(circuit diagrams) for laptops. All schematic diagrams(circuit diagrams) are in electronic PDF format.
OEM part diagrams with OEM part numbers (Exploded views/ diagrams)

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Transactions are processed by PayPal, so your credit card information is safe and never stored. Download links will be sent to you by E-mail automatically after payment, and you will get your schematic diagrams immediately. Please check your Spam when the E-mail seems not to be sent.
There are two payment options you can use:
1. PayPal balance payment (you need free PayPal account at
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We are always happy to to receive and answer your questions. If you are looking for a schematic diagram and you can't find it on our website then please fill out a request form and we will try to get it for you. There are a lot of schematic diagrams(circuit diagrams) which are available but not yet listed.