BenQ JoyBook S33 schematic, Quanta ED9

The motherboard schematic(.pdf) and Platform Introduction & Debug Method(.pdf) for BenQ Joybook S33 notebook/laptop, Quanta ED9.
CPU: Penryn
North Bridge: Cantiga GM INTEL G45/GL45
South Bridge: ICH-9M
OEM: Quanta Computer Inc.
Rev: 1A
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 35
Sale Price: 12.5$ (include”Platform Introduction & Debug Method”)

Platform Introduction & Debug Method (32pages), include:

  1. Montevina Platform Introduction
  2. ED9 block diagram Introduction
  3. ED9 power up sequence
  4. Key signal for Debug
  5. Summaries
  6. Q&A

BenQ JoyBook S33 Block Diagram:

BenQ JoyBook S33 Block Diagram

BenQ JoyBook S33 Block Diagram