CLEVO P180HM Schematic & Service Manual

The Service Manual & Schematic Diagrams for CLEVO P180HM laptop/notebook.
Chipset: CougarPoint Controller Hub (PCH) HM67 (Raid)
Format: PDF
Total pages: 112
File size: 4.55MB
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CLEVO P180HM Block Diagram:
CLEVO P180HM Block Diagram

CLEVO P180HM Block Diagram

About this Manual
This manual is intended for service personnel who have completed sufficient training to undertake the maintenance and
inspection of personal computers.
It is organized to allow you to look up basic information for servicing and/or upgrading components of the P180HM series notebook PC.

The following information is included:
Chapter 1, Introduction, provides general information about the location of system elements and their specifications.
Chapter 2, Disassembly, provides step-by-step instructions for disassembling parts and subsystems and how to upgrade
elements of the system.
Appendix A, Part Lists
Appendix B, Schematic Diagrams