Acer Ferrari 4000 Series schematic diagram

The motherboard schematic diagram(pdf) for Acer Ferrari 4000 Series laptop.
Ferrari 4000 Series (Model ZF3)
* 4002WLMi (LX.FR405.033, LX.FR405.070, LX.FR405.071, LX.FR405.073, LX.FR40M.019)
* 4005WLMi (LX.FR405.026, LX.FR405.160, LX.FR405.161, LX.FR405.163, LX.FR406.027, LX.FR406.034, LX.FR406.035, LX.FR406.036, LX.FR406.037, LX.FR406.038, LX.FR40M.020)
* 4005WLMib (LX.FR406.023, LX.FR406.025, LX.FR406.061, LX.FR406.108)
* 4006WLMI (LX.FR40M.028)
* 4006WLMi (LX.FR406.099, LX.FR40M.027)

CUP: AMD K8 Turion 64
Chip Set: RX480 & SB400
OEM: Quanta Computer Inc.
Rev: G3A
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 37
File size: 1.41MB
Language: English
Sale Price: 7.5$

Acer Ferrari 4000 Block Diagram:
Acer Ferrari 4000 Block Diagram

Acer Ferrari 4000 Block Diagram

HP Pavilion DV1000 DV4000(915) laptop schematic diagram(CT3)

The document is PDF format, include:
The motherboard schematic diagram for HP Pavilion dv1000(CT3)  and HP Pavilion dv4000(CT3) Laptop.
CUP: Intel Pentium-M Or Intel Celeron-M
Chip Set: Alviso-GM 915 & ICH6-M
OEM: Quanta Computer Inc.
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 41
File size: 0.98MB
Language: English
Sale Price: 12.5$

HP Pavilion dv1000 Block Diagram:

HP dv1000 Block Diagram

HP dv1000 Block Diagram

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