Dell Inspiron B120 B130 1300 schematic diagram

The motherboard schematic diagram(pdf) for Dell Inspiron B120 B130 and Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop/notebook, Wistron KeyWest.
CUP: Celeron/Dothan
North Bridge: Alviso GML
South Bridge: ICH6-M
OEM: Wistron Corporation
Document Number: KeyWest
Project code: 91.4D901.001
PCB P/N: 48.4D901.0SC
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 37
File size: 1.07MB
Language: English
Sale Price: 12.5$

Dell Inspiron B120 B130 1300 Block Diagram:

Dell Inspiron B130 Block Diagram

Dell Inspiron B120 B130 1300 Schematics:

Dell Inspiron B130 schematics