acer travelmate 8481 schematic – Compal p4vc0 LA-7361p

The schematic diagram for acer travelmate 8481 laptop/notebook, Compal p4vc0 LA-7361p, BA41_HS(P4VC0) M/B Schematics Document, Intel Sandy Bridge Processor(ULV) with DDRIII + Cougar Point PCH, Nvidia N12P GV.
CPU: Intel Sandy Bridge Processor ULV BGA1023
North Bridge: Intel Cougar Point-M PCH 989pin BGA
OEM: Compal
Model Name: BA41_HS
File Name: LA-7361P
Compal Project Name : P4VC0
Title: SCHEMATIC, M/B A7361
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 65
File size: 916KB
Sale Price: 8.5$

acer travelmate 8481 Block Diagram:
acer travelmate 8481 Block Diagram

acer travelmate 8481 Block Diagram