HP Q139, HP Q140 schematic & boardview, Quanta Y11A/Y11C day11amb6d0

The motherboard schematic and boardview for HP Q139, HP Q140 laptop/notebook, Quanta Y11A(Y11C) day11amb6d0. DIS (14″ / 15″ / 17″) Intel Cresent Bay ULT Platform.
CPU: Broadwell U
Project: Y11C
Format: PDF & bdv
Total Pages: 44
File size: 1.7MB(.pdf) & 936KB(.bdv)
Sale Price: 12.5$ (include boardview)

Block Diagram:

Y11-block diagram

Y11-block diagram


Lenovo Ideapad Z380 schematic,DA0LZ1MB6E0,Quanta LZ1/LZ1A

The motherboard schematic for Lenovo Ideapad Z380 laptop/notebook, Quanta LZ1/LZ1A Mainboard, DA0LZ1MB6E0.
CPU: INTEL Ivy Bridge 35W (DC/QC) + DDR3
VGA Nvidia N13M-GE1
Chipset: PCH Panther Point HM76
OEMuanta Computer Inc.
Project: LZ1
Rev: 1B
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 46
File size: 1.78MB
Sale Price: 11.5$

Lenovo Ideapad Z380 Block Diagram:
Lenovo Ideapad Z380 Block Diagram

Lenovo Ideapad Z380 Block Diagram

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