Dell Inspiron 17 7746 Schematic & Boardview 14202-1

Schematic(.*pdf), Boardview (*.brd), Boardview (*.pdf), Boardview (*.cad), Subboards 14811-1 (*.pdf *.brd) BOM file (*.xls) for Dell Inspiron 17 7746 laptop, 14202-1 motherboard.
CPU/Hub/RAM : Intel Broadwell ULT / Lynx Point-LP / DDR3L
GPU: UMA or DIS (Nvidia N15P-GT / N15S-GX1 GDDR5)
OEM: Wistron Hadley17 MLK 14202-1
Format: PDF, BRD, CAD, XLS
Searchable PDF file, No watermark of website
Language: English
Sale Price: 12.5$

Also included:
— BoardView file (.brd, .cad, .pdf)
— Schematic Diagram for I/O Board
— Power Sequence Timing Diagram (DC Mode)
— Power Sequence Timing Diagram (AC Mode)
— Power Sequence Block Diagram
— PCH SMBus Block Diagram
— KBC SMBus Block Diagram
— Thermal Block Diagram
— Audio Block Diagram

Boardview Software (Download)

  • Open Boardview(.brd) file with Allegro Free Physical Viewer
  • Open Boardview(.cad) file with BoardViewer