HP ENVY x360 13-AY Schematic & Boardview GPR31 LA-J481P

The motherboard schematic and Boardview (.cad) for HP ENVY x360 13-AY00xx Series laptop/notebook, Compal GPR31 LA-J481P Mainboard, GPR31 MB Schematic Document.
File Name: LA-J481P
OEM: Compal
Format: PDF, CAD
Searchable PDF file, No watermark of website
Total Sheet: 46
Sale Price: 15.5$ (include Boardview)

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HP ENVY x360 GPR31 LA-J481P Schematic:

HP ENVY x360 GPR31 LA-J481P Boardview:

HP ENVY x360 GPR31 LA-J481P Motherboard:
HP ENVY x360 Schematic & Boardview Compal GPR31 LA-J481P