HP Pavilion G6 schematic & boardview,RKY15SB-6050A2412801-MB-A02

The motherboard schematic and boardview for HP Pavilion G6 laptop/notebook, INVENTEC ROCKY-AMD Mainboard, RKY15SB-6050A2412801-MB-A02.
CPU: APU AMD Llano + DGPU Seymous XT-S3
Chipset: FCH AMD Hudson M2
Title: RKY15SB
P/N: 6050A2412801-MB-A02
Format: PDF & brd
Total Pages: 58
File size: 858KB(.pdf) & 249KB(.brd)
Sale Price: 11.5$(include boardview)

HP Pavilion G6 (ROCKY-AMD) Block Diagram:
HP Pavilion G6 Block Diagram
HP Pavilion G6 (ROCKY-AMD) Boardview:
HP Pavilion G6 (ROCKY-AMD) Boardview

HP Pavilion G6 (ROCKY-AMD) Boardview